Gondar is located to the North of Lake Tana, which is regarded as a popular second top on the Historic circuit. What is new and memorable about Gondar was not its ideal new location , but the fact that it was destined to remain Ethiopia’s capital for over two centuries from 1635 onwards ,and is today noted for its impressive 17th century castles as well as the mesmerizing and mysterious decorated church of Debre Birhan Selassiea ( Literally translated as trinity of the mount of light) unique both in mural and ceiling paintings , it is the only church in Ethiopia to have paintings on the ceiling with faces of angles in all directions . Kusquam –the original Church destroyed in the 19th c by Mahdists, the new one with its impressive banquet hall castle with outer cross relief is very interesting to visit.

Gondar is one of the most important historical and cultural attraction places with breathtaking to the Semen Mountains national park. Home to the country’s main concentrations of the endemic Gelada Baboon and Walia Ibex is registered by UNESCO as one the world heritage sites King Fasildas chose Gonder as the royal enclosure because the area is free of malaria, good for defensive purpose and good climatic condition .Gondar is noted for its wonderful castles on the continent of Africa. The Royal enclosure of the emperors of the first Gonderine period lies on 70000m and surrounded by twelve gates, basalt wall with its amazing six different castles built from 17th to 19th century by different kings.

The pool of king Fasiledas which still serves as a baptismal pool during Ethiopian Epiphany is very fascinating to visit ,when Gondar was a capital it was emerged as one of the largest and most populous city in realm .the city is nick named as “the Camelot of Africa “due to the presence of a group of royal castles. The foundation of this imperial city witnessed a period of optimism and renaissance of the golden days of Axum and Lalibela .Gondar regime was the major turning point of the country’s history in different aspects with Architecture, Literature, education, music, paintings, commerce that had perished after the fall of ancient Aksum, rose to prominence with the established of Gondar. It was also a center of commerce for Africa, South Arabia and the Mediterranean world. This Medieval royal city has many things to offer for visitors .the imperial enclosure filled with beautiful ,old castles, the ancient monasteries ,the felasha village ,the Fasil Bridge , the rich daily market , and the culture of the people is really remarkable to visit.