The City of Bahir Dar is presently acting as a capital city for the Amhara people regional states .It is mainly taken as the first stop in the Historic Circuit .Bahir Dar is set on the Southern shore of lake Tana with 1,800Meters above sea level and it is found at a distance of 518km from Addis Ababa.

Bahir Dar grew around a Jesuit settlement, founded in the 16th or 17th Century, from which time the Pedro Paez buildings dates. One of the Emperor Haile Selasssie’s palaces is located near the city, and the Emperor considered moving the National Capital to this town. The Palace is an impressive architectural work of its time. Facing Lake Tana and provides a beautiful scenery of The Blue Nile and probably the best place to spot Hippo.

Lake Tana, one of the most dramatic spectacles on either the white or Blue Niles, a vision of Natural strength and magnificence covering more than 3,600. Square Kilometers. It is the largest water body in Ethiopia and official source of the Blue Nile River. The Blue Nile falls also known as (tise esat) are well worth to visit. The volume of the fall is pleasantly high, higher than you had ever seen. They pushed out in great brown and white torrents sending up great plumes of spray Lake Tana, endowed with 37 Islands out of which 20 of them have got the oldest and historic monasteries, to some of which are not allowed for female visitors, these islands serve as a repository of the wonderful 14th-16th century world’s oldest churches with their mural paintings ,crowns ,crosses and many old church treasures. You must explore some of the multitude of atmospheric medieval oldest churches and monasteries dotted around the forested islands and peninsulas of Lake Tana.

A motor boat takes you from the charming market town of Bahir Dar to Ura –Kidane mihert , a Monastery to the main Land peninsula at Zegie ,Deke Stephanos with its priceless collection of Icons as well as remains of several medieval Emperors. Kiberan Gabriel closed to woman, where a treasury of ancient illuminated Bibles stored .along the way, Papyrus Canoes are used by the local people since ages past for fishing and gathering fire wood .the Lake and its Islands have been a secret place to hide the Nation’s priceless treasures during times of war such as the destruction of Axum by Gudit and the devastation of the Christian highlands by Gragn Ahmed.